Sailing Pants XM Offshore Gray TS

The XM Offshore Gray TS Navigation Pants was designed for sailors who wish to have a luxury marine outfit, which allows them to have adequate flexibility to carry out work on the boat, without problems of limiting movement or delaying because It has a drainage system that will act when the water comes into contact with the pants.

The XM Offshore Sailing Pan TSS Gray is a tool that should not be missing in the wardrobe of any lover of the sea because it is completely secured and is leak-proof, since it contains reinforced linings that do not allow it to get wet because such reinforcements they become waterproof so that this is a quality item.

Characteristics of the XM Offshore Sailing Pan TS Gray

  • Its structure is completely lined to create and guarantee the quality of the garment.
  • It is assured that the zipper with its storm flap has the adequate protection so that it does not have any type of leakage.
  • The straps are made with the best quality because they are completely elastic and reinforced so that they are not easily damaged by use.
  • In the lower part we have the ankles which are made with an elastic and a closure is placed on the side.
  • The XM Offshore Navigation Pan TS Gray is easy to dry and can be drained thanks to the clips it contains.
  • The pockets that were adapted are fully functional thanks to their individual closures in addition to the evacuation network that has that prevents the objects to be stored.
  • In the armpits and waist is applied an elastic band with which is allowed to have the movement required to perform the movements effectively.
  • In the crotch is a band with which you can have free movements without problems of flexibility or friction
  • The upper part and the knees are reinforced and welded on the inside so that the water does not leak into them.

Trouser care maintenance for XM Offshore Navigation TS Gray

The XM Offshore Sailing Pan TS Gray is a piece that must be taken care of so that it lasts for a prolonged time, it should only be washed with a non-biological product, in addition to the fact that softeners should not be used on it.

It should also be taken into account that when washing it, it should not be accompanied by fabrics of other colors so that it is not affected, besides that it must be well dried and not folded or stored when it is wet.

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