Reflective White Nautical Tape

The Reflective White Nautical Tape is ideal to be used in nautical applications and in marine environments since you can stick this tape on surfaces that need to be marked.

It is resistant to all types of weather, is resistant to water, gasoline, diesel and other solvents.

When the light falls on the White Reflective adhesive Nautical Tape, it returns part of the light, increasing the visibility of the body or object where it is attached, being very useful at night when it is at sea. The tape is self-adhesive and can adhere to any rigid and clean surface.

Benefits of Reflective White Nautical Tape

  • The Reflective White adhesive Nautical Tape reflects intensely when caught in the beam of white light and so on, this quality makes it exceptional for use in high visibility components or to be stuck in places of risk or danger.
  • It is resistant to water, sun and the changing marine environment so it can be used on any type of boat.
  • It has a long life as it is made of the best quality materials.
  • It has a strong reflectivity which makes it an excellent option for low light places.
  • It is easy to use, as it has a self-adhesive backing, strong adhesive glue to help withstand wind and water.
  • It does not need heat to be stuck since it is self-adhesive.
  • The tape is ideal to be placed outdoors due to its excellent resistance to atmospheric agents
  • It works very well for indoor and outdoor, and any signage that needs to be done on the boat.
  • The Body of the White Reflective adhesive Nautical Tape can be clearly outlined, and is a good helper to identify an area of ​​the particular boat.
  • This reflective tape can be glued on any surface, metal, wood, plastic and nylon.

Installation of Reflective White Nautical Tape

Apply the Reflective White adhesive Nautical Tape is very easy, so that your installation is perfect you must follow the following steps:

  • Choose the surface where you want to put the tape, always looking at what should be a zone of maximum visibility.
  • Next, the application surface must be cleaned to ensure that the reflective strips remain glued and adhere safely.
  • Finally we will remove the liner from the adhesive tape and apply it with light pressure.


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