Sailing Pants Helly Hansen AEGIR RACE 980 EBONY T-XL

The Helly Hansen AEGIR RACE 980 EBONY T-XL Sailing Pants provides ideal protection when sailing in the ocean. Its design is one of the lightest that can be found, this model is an ideal piece to use in the races as it protects against the whips that waves and wind can give in addition to its hybrid presentation.

The Helly Hansen AEGIR RACE 980 Trousers EBONY T-XL with its presentation guarantees that it is breathable especially above the waist, in addition to containing a completely new technology of three layers that provides that its outer part is drier having the security that this Design is completely waterproof.

Characteristics of Helly Hansen Surf Pants AEGIR RACE 980 EBONY T-XL

❖        It is made with a membrane which was structured to be very waterproof which is a new technology for the user at sea.

❖        It has been considered for professional use for all those who love the sea or those who work on boats that must be extremely careful.

❖        It is manufactured with three layers that provide comfort, resistance and impermeability.

❖        The Helly Hansen AEGIR RACE 980 Surf Pants EBONY T-XL has seams that are sealed and reinforced, so that the pants do not leak or water or cold to be one of the best options.

❖        It is manufactured with a treatment that provides a fully functional and durable waterproofing.

❖        It has a reinforcement in the knees and ankles that is very necessary since these are areas that can be affected in falls and by the cold, being very necessary that they are reinforced

❖        It has a totally unique and versatile design which provides a scarce volume which goes over the shoulder.

❖        The Helly Hansen AEGIR RACE 980 Surf Pants EBONY T-XL is totally waterproof and breathable, which guarantees that the wearer will be equally dry inside and out, for greater comfort.

❖        Fully equipped with pockets to store items of small size, but necessary when browsing.

❖        Waist and lower leg adjustable, for comfort and adjustment to not limit movement during work.

❖        Sturdy pants with minimalist and functional design, for better protection at all times.

❖        With a cut that allows freedom of movement, perfect to be used during professional ocean sailing.

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