Navigation Pants XM Offshore Gray TM

The XM Offshore Gray TM Navigation Pants is made so that boat lovers have an optimal outfit to do the work in them, without being affected by water leaks generating adequate mobility due to the reinforcements and the suspenders placed in certain places to provide quality and flexibility

The XM Offshore Gray TM Navigation Pants, a piece that can not be left out of the wardrobe because of how effective it becomes when used on the boat because it generates comfort and warmth, does not allow the cold to be a companion of excursions, nor that the water is introduced into the garment, so this trousers is suitable for any navigator.

Features of the XM Offshore Gray TM Navigation Pants

❖        With this trousers you will obtain a fully lined accessory to generate a high quality garment without leakage problems.

❖        It provides a maximum security since not even in the closures of the rack will leak due to an anti-storm system which has implemented and that will be very useful at the time of use.

❖        Its straps are coated and reinforced because they are flexible and when you put them on and remove them tend to be damaged more by the weight they bear, in this model you can trust that it will be a completely durable piece.

❖        In the ankles you can also find water leaks and for this reason they are made with an elastic that is attached to avoid these problems, in addition its closure is hermetic which causes greater security and confidence.

❖        Its drying is completely simple due to the loops that it has placed, which generates a lot of comfort because it can be placed to dry without problems to be able to use it again.

❖        It was made with pockets to ensure optimal storage and these are reinforced so that its operation is much better.

❖        The closures of the pockets are coupled individually to generate no leaks.

❖        The pockets have an evacuation net so that the water drains and in this way there are no accumulations to improve comfort.

❖        His armpits and waists were improved with an elastic band to perfect the flexibility and movement that ensures that you can have a suitable mobility to perform all work within the boat without any problem.



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